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smile Update June 2016

Mensaje  iMask el Mar Jun 14, 2016 3:40 pm

New updates 14/06/16!

New things are added to the item mall!

  1. Astral Weapons.
  2. Pro rings for all classes.
  3. Changed drop of all Boss Winter (Aurora Area 1-2 and Dark area 1-2).
  4. The amount of Kingdom Vouchers required for reforge card (of 400 to 250) was reduced.
  5. Added bow and gun Astral in the Secret NPC.
  6. A small balance of the pro rings [Blue(Voyarger) - Purple(Seal Master) - Yellow (Cleric)].
  7. The amount of shenlong Run For Fun Chest changed.
  8. The life of the Furious Kingdom Dragon regularly reduced.
  9. Famous Cake was added to drop the Kingdom Aracnidus and he reduced the max attack.
  10. It is now possible, stacking the Blue Cola.
  11. Added Boss Respawn Npc on Argent City.


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