Update May 2016

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Important Update May 2016

Mensaje  iMask el Mar Mayo 31, 2016 5:48 pm

New Updates 16/05/16!

open your client as admin for get new updates !!

  1.  New Maze Boss Hotel Open 24/7 (All Boss respawn every 2hours).
  2. New Dragon Ball System.
  3. New items on mall.
  4. New items award center.
  5. Now available Global Ranking System - Winners end of each month (reward for your kill´s on maze´s )
  6. New Map Run for Run - Map open for 30min every 4 hours (No-Pk just who comes first to the finish line wins).
  7. Admiral Cloak With upgrade System [Use Cloak Upgrade Scroll (Possible Failure) Max lv10].
  8. It is now stackable Dragon ball stars 1-7 and Shenlong.
  9. Kingdom Dragon changed drop (Respawn 24 hours on BD lair).
  10. Remove glow on Neck KOP

KOP working for your fun, have fun!

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